Under the patronage of the International Institute of Equine Communication Science (IIPKW) offers the ACADEMY for EQUINE STUDIES – International Academy for Equine Instruction – according to the latest ethological, psychological and communication-scientific methods and findings – a worldwide unique scientifically based education for Horse-enthusiasts.

The Certified Specialized Horse Trainer and the Certified Equine Behavior Therapist are the degrees obtainable at the HIPPOLOGISCHE AKADEMIE / ACADEMY for EQUINE STUDIES. These degrees enable the successful graduate to qualified employment as high-level personnel, to work self-employed or as plant manager within the realm of horse training and sport, horse keeping and management, as well as an employee in the above mentioned areas of the horse industry, which presuppose a well founded specialized knowledge in the field.

The ACADEMY for EQUINE STUDIES propagates and teaches with its intellectual claim and scientific requirement foremost aggression-free and intelligent methods of horse training and places particular importance in its extensive Practice Modules upon the practical development of the graduates and their knowledge attained in handling horses.

The lecturers of the ACADEMY for EQUINE STUDIES are acknowledged specialists and experienced practitioners in their respective disciplines and thereby ensure the high standard of instructional contents of the academy.

Location of the ACADEMY for EQUINE STUDIES is Duesseldorf, the state capital of the horse centre North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Courses and excursion take place in
North Rhine-Westphalia and other parts of Germany.

Proprietor and manager of the ACADEMY for EQUINE STUDIES is Linda Weritz.